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Kangen Water

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The special thing about Kangen water is that it is

Alkaline Ionized Water


The molecular structure of alkaline ionized water makes it an incredibly healthy part of anyone’s life.


This water is reduced through filters to remove chlorine and other contaminants, yet it retains the essential alkalizing minerals.  Then it is passed through the electrolysis chamber over charged platinum-electroplated, titanium electrodes, where it is physically split into alkaline  and acidic waters.  Electrolysis increases the dissolved active hydrogen molecules (H2) present in the alkaline water.


In addition, it contains smaller water clusters of 4 to 6 molecules instead of 12 to 14 molecules per cluster as found  in bottled water. These properties allow the water to easily pass through cell walls, which also enable the Ionized Alkaline water to act as a strong and effective antioxidant. Your health is improved by detoxifying the cells in your body through the neutralization of free radicals.


When a baby is born it is 75% to 78% water. The earth is also 75% water. Water does everything from carrying food from our stomach to cells, to making our blood flow, to allowing our cells to communicate and BREATHE.


Let us take a closer look:

The Brain is - 83% Water

Lack creates Headaches, brain fog, confusion...

The Blood is - 90% Water

Lack creates Blood thickening inability to efficiently carry supplies in and toxins out

The Heart is - 79% Water

Lack - unable to pump, heart becomes hard, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure...

Lungs - 80% Water

Lack - lungs dry out unable to absorb oxygen

Kidneys - 82% Water

Lack - unable to flush toxins out of body poisoning ourselves

The list goes on and on and on......

One of the major health benefits of alkaline, ionized, water is its ability to destroy and/or inhibit the growth of most diseases in the body. Because alkaline, ionized, water contains so many active hydrogen molecules, it is able to act as a powerful antioxidant that searches out and destroys free radicals known as "reactive oxygen species." (ROS). These ROS are created by many of the metabolic and digestive processes in our bodies. As they travel throughout the body, they can damage cells and DNA, leading to many diseases and cancers. The formation rate of diseases such as ulcers, cancers, and diabetes are encouraged or increased by this damage. When the hydrogen molecules of alkaline, ionized water search out and neutralize these harmful free radicals, they help to prevent and lower the risk level of developing many of these diseases.


Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize Winner, investigated the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells. In his work "The Metabolism of Tumors", he demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

As he states, " Cancerous tissues are acidic". Cancer cannot survive in high levels of oxygen.


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