Key Chain Laser

Key Chain Laser

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Laser Technology has long been used in Health care and Science around the world. At Frequency Foods, we have overlaid Zeropoint Technology into our non-invasive Lasers. Our Lasers are specifically programmed to help clear any negative energy debris accumulated from our polluted environment. This technique helps restore and strengthen any and all beneficial frequencies and can also help to clear and calm your field. When used on food or liquids, the laser helps to prevent any negative information from affecting the Biofield of your body. 

Zeropoint is referred to as a non-local field of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. Quantum physicists consider this the Source for all physical manifestations observed in our known universe.  When infused into our products, this energy field tends to clear all Interference Patterns that affect the DNA in biological life forms. This clearing allows them to exhibit the true potential of their unique matrixed DNA.

This technology also has the capability to harmonically align the physical aspects of the body. When the body is at ease (the correct frequencies), it has energy that flows freely with no resistance! Resistance can cause disease. When there is no imbalance and no blockage there is no dis-ease.  The symphony of life is created by, Light, as it flows within the physical vehicle to maintain harmonic attunement.

ZeroPoint utilizes a proprietary technology called Blueprint Frequencies, that can imprint bio-resonate waveforms onto Light. Through its own inductive capabilities, the body integrates the information in order to support homeostasis to deficient areas.

You might compare this clearing of the field, to the idea of rebooting or defragging your computer. Things begin to bog down in the systems, because of too much useless pollution data. Rebooting or defragging clears the problem areas and efficiency is restored. This is similar to what occurs when using the laser.

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