Zero Point Global Pendant-Sodalite

Zero Point Global Pendant-Sodalite

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    The Sodalite Window Pendant
The Sodalite Window Pendant has 82 blueprint frequencies that help bring the entire body into balance by transferring vibrational information to your vital organs, tissues, and cells. It helps restore cellular communication within the body that’s been damaged by long term emotional stress. Long term emotional stress causes numerous problems.

When emotional stress lingers for weeks or even years, hormone cortisol levels are increased, which deplete the immune system. This also decreases the number of brains cells which in turn, impair memory and affect your blood pressure.

When wearing the sodalite pendant the cells will resonate with the matching frequencies. Cellular communication is improved, balance is restored, and the immune system begins to function properly allowing the body to begin the healing process.

Over the last several years the advancements in technology has created many conveniences in our lives, but this has also created some challenges we have to deal with along the way. The increase in wireless technology and communication has brought on a storm of electromagnetic frequencies and radio waves that you can’t physically see, but they are everywhere. We also have to deal with over 80,000 man-made chemicals that affect our air, food, and water.

Quantum Physics has discovered that we are all energy and that the organs and systems in the human body vibrate at specific frequencies. These man-made chemicals, EMF’s, ELF’s, and radio waves also have a specific frequency. The challenge occurs when the human body comes in contact with these toxic energies.

We are designed to heal ourselves. When we are healthy, we can do just that. When our body is constantly being affected by toxic frequencies it goes into a stressed state, which causes the immune system to perform poorly and the body is no longer capable of healing itself.                                                                                

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