CoQ10-CF 90ct. capsules

CoQ10-CF 90ct. capsules

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COQ10 has the potential to counteract the effects of aging, helps repair free-radical damage, protects the skin from sun damage and potentially limits the saggy skin of old age due to the destruction of collagen. COQ10 is also found to increase energy, sex drive, and combat disease.  This versatile supplement should be in everyone's health care regimen and is one of the most unknown and over-looked aspects of a well rounded supplemental program. Wouldn't the heart be one of the first organs we would want to keep at optimal levels?

Cells that make up high-energy organs like the heart require more Co-enzyme Q10 than cells in less hardworking parts of the body. The heart muscle has the most mitochondria of any muscle in the body and should have the highest level of COQ10.

Co-enzyme Q10 helps cells manufacture energy needed by the heart to pump harder and improve the circulation of the blood. The antioxidant compounds in Co-enzyme Q10 prevent free radicals from corroding LDL cholesterol, so LDL doesn't adhere to artery walls. COQ10 also provides protection for the inner lining of the arteries by inhibiting LDL oxidation and increasing good cholesterol levels.

Co-enzyme Q10 is essential for counteracting the negative effects of prescription drugs, specifically statin drugs used to reduce cholesterol. These cholesterol-lowering drugs have been shown to block the natural synthesis of COQ10 in the body.

Our COQ10 formula is a crystal-free formula in an oil-based gel-cap.  If you are looking for a Co-enyme Q10 product, you have found one of the best. Discover the amazing benefits of this powerful antioxidant product.



You will notice that your COQ10 is no longer a 60 count, but a 90 count!!!  We had so many requests for a larger bottle and here it is for the same price!

We have also changed the formula.  As you know, we watch this industry like a hawk.  We make changes whenever we can introduce an even more advanced formula and always without contaminants or GMO  ingredients.  We take every opportunity to bring these next evolutions to you. 

This new blend of COQ10 is an encapsulated powder.  Powder form of COQ10 is far easier to keep pure of any unwanted excipients.  It is more bio- available and easier to absorb.  We use enzymes as the delivery system.

The size of COQ10 crystals and the degree of solubility of a COQ10 mixture will likely affect the bio-availability of COQ10. By eliminating crystals during the manufacturing process, Frequency Foods has further maximized COQ10 absorption.

Ingredients: CoEnzyme Q10; Protease; Lipase; Rice Complex; Veggie Caps.  Overlaid with zero point Technology.