Disc Holder   Medium/Large

Disc Holder Medium/Large

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Disc Holder

It is finally here...We have wanted to make this new product available for so many years, and gratefully, it is finally here.

Disc Holder

Pauline (a very talented woman) has created the perfect Disc Holder. It holds our Zeropoint 3.5 Marble Round Disc and wraps around areas of soreness and pain.  However, until now, we never had a way to keep it against our body in places like the knees, thighs, back, shoulder and move around. With this extremely well made and attractive Disc Holder you will never drop your Disc or be frustrated with how to apply it to your body.  Just wrap it around and latch it with the velcro straps. You can use 1 or up to 5 Discs at a time.

Disc Holder Details: The Disc Holder is 5 inches wide x 25 inches long. The small/medium disc holder is able to accommodate a waist up to 33 inches around. The medium/large disc holder is able to accommodate a waist up to 50 inches around.They are made of a soft cotton blend material and comes in different colors.
Contact us for colors.

FOR BETTER SLEEP: We also had Pauline make us wraps filled with tiny flax seeds with velcro latches. These you can wrap around your head and walk about as you like or sleep on them wrapped or unwrapped around your head. Even if you have no head or neck pain, wrapping your head in comforting heat (heating the wrap in the microwave) can envelop you in a cocoon of sweet relaxation and deep slumber. They can also be used around your neck, shoulders, etc… either warm or chilled in the freezer. Any of these wraps are priced reasonably at $29.95. Pauline can also do custom orders for particular physical concerns or sleep comfort.

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