Energizing Kaolin Clay Powder

Energizing Kaolin Clay Powder

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This extraordinary Kaolin Clay is infused with a Vibrational Energy that acts as a conductor, using vibrational, Sound-Infusing Technology. This technology enhances your field and assists the body in healing, physically and energetically. The unique energy transference from the clay allows for the assimilation into one's body, harmonizing the electromagnetic systems, clearing away unwanted negative energy or radiation, as well as a long list of other benefits for optimal healing and health. If you're in need of more energy, our Sound-Infused Energizing Powder is the solution. It delivers vibrancy without any of the unpleasant effects associated with excessive detoxification. 


When your energetic field (or bio-electromagnetic body) is out of balance, the body becomes weakened and vulnerable, causing it to be susceptible to any kind of disease and illness.


This Kaolin Clay Powder is a powerful ally in ridding your body of environmental irritants and other toxins that may affect you.  Our Kaolin Clay is 100% USP Ingestible, which means it is safe for consumption. Our Powder is one of the most versatile products available.  The dual action process has a gentle cleansing effect as it passes through the digestive system over a 12 hour period, while delivering vibrational energy that enables the body to stay strong and healthy.


When you're looking around for your caffeine or sugar fix, the Energizing Powder can give you the boost you need without the jitters or energy crash afterwards. Long term illnesses seem to respond well to the Clay. ADHD and ADD also get good results. The Clay is safe for children. Adding the Clay into your daily routine is a step in the right direction. Taking it internally has incredible benefits.


May also help: energy, stamina, immunity, concentration, well-being, rashes/bites, skin issues, 

wound care, spider or animal bites. 


Ingredients: Pure and Digestible Kaolin Clay; for internal and topical uses.

Suggested uses:

Add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of powder to any beverage in the morning for all day relief. Best with water (at room temperature). Energy lasts up to 12 hours.  You may also take twice a day if needed. Results may be in 40 minutes-6 weeks depending on the severity. You may take more than 1/2 tsp. but, when you reach a level of feeling good, stay with that amount as you do not need to increase. More is not always better.


Rashes/skin issues: Dust the skin with the Clay. Can be used on dry or damp skin. You may also make a paste/poultice by mixing some Clay with a small amount of warm water until it is a thick paste, but easy to spread. Apply to area about 1/16th-1/8th of an inch thick. A poultice will definitely bring relief to aggressive issues such as shingles and ringworm.


Wounds/Bites: Clean the wound and pack it with the Clay, using a poultice of 

Clay or combination of Clay and Gel. Change the packing and bandage as needed.

Sleep: With extreme sleep disorders, take 1/2 tsp. before bedtime. 


Mattress:  A good night's rest is important for your entire body. The Clay 

Powder can be added directly to your mattress, under your mattress pad 

or in a small baggy to help with more reliable sleep.  Place 1-3 Tbsp onto 

the mattress. This only needs to be done once every 6 months. If any 

remains after 6 months, just vacuum area and reapply.

Hot Bath: To soothe aches & pains or skin issues, you can add the Clay 

Powder to a hot bath. Pour up to 5 Tbs. into the bathtub.  Powder will 

settle. This is normal.

Foot Baths: Use 1-2 Tbs. in warm water. Start with 1/2 tsp. for first 

session and work up to higher amounts each subsequent footbath.


Brushing your teeth: This is a good option to use as a whitener. Just dab

your damp toothbrush into the powder. (Put some in the lid. Do not 

contaminate the jar). Brush normally.​


For toothaches and gum issues: Make a paste using 2/3 powder and 1/3 

water and apply to the gums or tooth. Leave until the paste dissolves. 

This can be done several times until relief is achieved.


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