Energizing Life Force Gel - Pump

Energizing Life Force Gel - Pump

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Energizing Life Force Gel - Pump 110ml

The extraordinary Energizing Life Force Gel is infused with a Vibrational Energy that acts as a conductor, using vibrational, Sound-Infusing Technology. This technology enhances your field and assists the body in healing physically and energetically.  The unique energy transference from the Gel allows for the assimilation into one's body, harmonizing the electromagnetic systems, clearing away unwanted negative energy or radiation, as well as a long list of other benefits for optimal healing and health. If you're in need of more energy or pain relief, our Sound-Infused Energizing Gel is the solution. This amazing Gel can even wake you up from a groggy state in the morning (or any time) and get your brain on-line when you apply it to your forehead, temples, and neck. 


When your energetic field (or bio-electromagnetic body) is out of balance, the body becomes weakened and vulnerable, causing it to be susceptible to any kind of disease or illness, fatigue or other ailments.

By adding the Life Force Gel (and Kaolin Clay Powder) to your daily routine, you may feel the difference immediately or within days. With continued use, you will be able to increase and strengthen your field, which, in turn, can create well-being within the body. 


May also help: energy, balance, pain, sleep, anxiety, warts, burns, cuts, age/brown spots, nerve pain, skin issues, back 

and neck pain, insect bites, calming, use on sore or pulled muscles, aches, swelling due to injury, for diabetic swellings and neuropathy, adds a beautiful glow to your skin, use on hands and wrinkles. Can be used on very sensitive or reactive skin.

Suggested Uses:


Apply to areas of discomfort or stress. However, as with all energetic products, apply to only 1 or 2 places the first few days so it doesn't ramp you up too quickly. Then slowly increase to include other areas. This gel is not intended for internal use.


When experiencing any kind of panic attacks or hypertension, use Gel and/or Clay Powder Poultice on 

those areas which usually occur near or on the Chakra energy centers. Also apply to throat and chest area.


Headaches: For regular and sinus headaches.


Toothaches and Earaches: Apply externally on tooth and/or ear area. 


Hands & Feet: As a simple acupressure treatment for relief, well-being, and/or energy, apply 

the Gel to the palm of your hands & the bottom of your feet. 


Neck, Back, and Shoulders: Our Gel can bring relief to the toughest, most uncomfortable energy 

areas in the neck, back or shoulders. Rub into skin as often as needed, but remember to give it 

time to work. For aggressive pain we suggest applying our Comfort Oil followed by the Gel. 

The combo for deep pain is very effective. Usually wait 10 to 30 minutes to feel full results. 

Great for nerve pain.


Joints & Nerves: The Energizing Gel can aid in the relief of neuropathy, joint, and general nerve 

discomfort. Apply to the entire area of the joint. For example, apply to the front of the knee as 

well as the back of knee. Sometimes, you may need to apply to the entire leg to find the 

greatest relief. Don't forget to apply to other areas such as hands, arms or shoulder area. 

The discomfort may be caused by other adjacent parts of the body.


Injury & Sore or pulled Muscles: Apply the Gel immediately to any injury for faster recovery. 

Rub onto area of discomfort and surrounding areas. This will help the healing process. 

Also use with swelling, headaches, and all body aches. Use the Comfort Oil followed by the 

Gel if with aggressive pain. 


Beauty Tips 

You can use the Energizing Gel to lessen wrinkles and bring 

circulation to your facial area. Most people experience a rosy glow 

and a younger appearance in minutes. Just apply first thing in the 

morning and if desired, apply your makeup. Don't forget your neck.

If you should have break-outs on your hairline due to hair products, 

for example, be sure to cover with the Gel. If you are using Sateen 

on your face, use it first, then follow with a thin layer of Gel.


Note: Because our products never have preservatives or chemicals 

the Gel may separate. If so, use the spoon provided to gently blend

it again. We prefer you do not use a metal spoon-plastic is fine.  


Apply to any acupressure points. 

Great First Aid Product

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