Glacial Blue Tooth Oil Travel Size 15ml

Glacial Blue Tooth Oil Travel Size 15ml

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After many years, we have come out with what we hope will be a solution to our customer requests. It is still the same Fabulous Glacial Blue. The Travel Size Glacial Blue will fit easily into your purse, pocket, gym bag or desk. It is perfect for traveling and meets Airline Size Regulations. Great size for gift-giving or introducing to a friend. It has a NEW EURO-DROPPER which allows only one drop at a time. Still great for brushing your teeth, but now works wonderfully as a breath freshener.

The BEST ON THE MARKET! Glacial Blue is a safe and effective tooth oil alternative to tooth paste. Our Essential Oils are Peppermint, Spearmint, and Almond Oil. Our Biggest Seller! It effectively restores the gums and goes after plaque and bacteria. Glacial Blue is made of pure and cold pressed oils and is infused with Zeropoint Frequencies.
Yes, it is strange (at first) to brush your teeth with an oil, but isn’t it just enculturation? If we had first begun to use oil and were introduced to paste we would think that odd as well. Once you become accustomed to using an oil you will NEVER go back to a paste - at least that is what thousands of customers have reported to us.
Just be aware that this is a strong tasting product. If you like the taste of spearmint and peppermint you will do fine.  In general, the taste is something to get used to for some. After awhile, you will be putting a quarter of a dropper full under your tongue to brush your teeth and think nothing of it. You will be thrilled with the smooth, clean, results on your teeth, and the freshness of your breath. With Children only use 1 – 2 drops until they are used to it.
Please begin using the product with a NEW TOOTHBRUSH. We suggest using a brand such as Reach, Colgate or Oral-B. If the toothbrush is not high-quality Glacial Blue will break down the glue in the brushes. Do not touch your eyes if you have Glacial Blue on your hands – It will Do NO Harm, but it will sting. (We use an electric toothbrush with dual brushes by Oral-B on Amazon. We have never been so pleased with a toothbrush as we are with this one!!!)
Just for fun, next time you are in the market or health food store, read the back of the toothpaste and  look for the WARNING label. If that alone doesn’t wake you to the fact that you are brushing your teeth with ingredients you want nothing to do with, we don’t know what will.
Other uses for our little “genie in the bottle,” are: Stings or insect bites; Sore muscles; Rashes (may burn  but extinguishes the itching); Jock itch (you will dance around the room for awhile and your eyes will tear, but no more jock itch); Athletes foot; Fungus under the toes--take a Q-tip and saturate it with oil and get under the toe nail as far as you can, treat 3x a day until it clears up; Pain in gums (toothache, abscess, infection, canker sore) apply with Q-tip 3x’s a day; Heartburn or indigestion--swallow a few drops for relief; Periodontal infection - Q-tip 3x’s a day on gums; Cold sores.  (Note: When using a Q-tip use the Black Cap that comes with bottle. Do not dip the Q-tip into the bottle. Dispose of the remaining  Glacial Blue left in cap.) For ear aches--lay your head on the bed and have someone put 2 drops into the ear canal. Stay in that position until the oil has gotten in as far as it can go. Do several times if needed; Sore throats? Put 2 drops in the back of your throat and swallow--use as needed; Before and after a speech or singing performance - 2 drops and swallow; Soak your dentures; Flea bath---add to water and shampoo - no more fleas; Other surprises are: Set your jewelry in a dish, let sit in Glacial Blue for ten minutes, gently scrub with a toothbrush, then rinse. Now you have sparkling clean rings and earrings; Also, if you don’t like toxic, cleaning products and want to clean your silver - you’ve guessed it--Glacial Blue; Sticky glue on the window from taking off a label? No problem; Marks on a table or light switch? Try it! Glacial Blue has a natural anti-bacterial feature and can help prevent infection. If the skin is open it will burn, but it is a good idea for protection.

STORAGE AND TRAVEL: Please make sure to keep the Black Cap with you to use when you travel. This way the bottle will not leak. Do not lay the bottle on its side with the dropper inserted.

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