LIYFZYME 180 count

LIYFZYME 180 count

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                              LiyfZyme Capsules 180 Ct.

LiyfZyme is a full spectrum, plant-based, super-digestive enzyme, including sulfite-free papain. Using 16 different and powerful enzymes, this formula contains not only the highest enzyme activities, but has been specially designed with the best ratios to meet today's varying diets! Excellent for using with cooked foods as well as raw foods which, today, are both enzyme deficient. Enzymes are the vital workers necessary for optimal digestion. They are responsible for the breakdown and absorption of all nutrients, and are the body's key communicators. Using all natural wholefood enzyme co-factors, LiyfZyme is able to create a soothing effect even for those who have extreme heartburn, acid reflux or indigestion. This makes this all-natural non-synthetic Super Digestive Supplement the perfect choice for everyone.

Plant-based enzymes tend to be the most active or potent , meaning they contain the highest active units and can, therefore, break down more fat, protein, and carbohydrates. These enzymes are useful in developing and maintaining a healthy digestive tract by allowing the body to produce more Metabolic Enzymes,  reducing the body's need to produce digestive enzymes. The greatest part is plant-based enzymes will ONLY exit the body when there is no more work left for them to do!

LiyfZyme took it one step further by utilizing other great enzymes such as papain, bromelain, lactase, etc... to begin balancing the system. With all whole-food vitamins and no synthetics, LiyfZyme Nutrition is leading the health industry. We are giving your body what nature intended it to have. It's not only the food in your life, but the Liyf in your food!

Protease, Acid Stable Protease, Amylase, Glucoaylase, Lipase, Maltase, Lactase, Cellulase, Invertase, Beta-D-Galactosidase, Alpha-D-Galactosidase, Phystase, Super Oxidised Dismutase, Serratia Peptidase, Papain, Bromelain, Enzyme Co-Factor Whole- Food Blend, Quinoa Sprouts, Fennel Seeds, Rose Hips, Orange, Broccoli, Bell Pepper, Carrot Juice

Vegetable capsules. Contains no sugar, salt, yeast, gluten, artificial colors or flavors.

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