READ THIS if your dog has Alopecia or Alopecia X

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I am writing a heartfelt testimony regarding the healing of the tragic affects of Alopecia and AlopeciaX, also known as Black Skin Disease. When my 4 1/2 year old Pomeranian began losing his hair I was shocked. This affliction is said to be genetic, but the breeder had not mentioned that she had any concerns about her breeding lines, but here I was, watching my beautiful little boy going bald. I took him to 3 vets and they all determined he had Black Skin Disease. They were ill-informed as to what could be done other than consoling me to the fact that it wouldn’t kill him or affect his quality of life. That just wasn’t good enough for me.

It has been a year since the original prognosis. Today all his hair has grown back and the black skin is pink and healthy. I want to share what I did to help others restore their precious pet to its former beauty and well-being. I cannot tell you that what I did will help in all cases. I have only my personal experience, but as there is little else to be done, I feel it is most certainly worth the try.

So, the first thing I did was to change his diet, which in itself, had been very healthy, high quality, foods, but I switched him to purely raw food. I have kept him on raw, organic, ground chicken with bones and ligaments etc. (I order it from Seattle and it arrives in frozen packets). I allow him organic, high quality treats and that is it for his food intake. I might also mention that I stopped taking him to the groomers and bathe him at home with a gentle, organic, oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. 

I also started him on 1 capsule of Melatonin 3mg. which I opened and mixed in with his dinner.  He was also given a Pet Probiotic called Creature Comfort Probiotic that is sold on or Frequency I gave him about 1/8th-1/4 tsp a day. I believe the following step was the most critical, though to be perfectly honest I have no idea if it was the combination of all these applications, but like I said, I got results. The last step was to rub into his skin a product called Citrus Silk which can also be ordered on or from Frequency This is a cream that evidently does wonders. When his skin was really exposed (the loss of hair started, as is typical, on his hind end, his legs, and his back) I would massage the oil deeply into the scaling, dry, black areas, actually rubbing off the flaking pieces of black. Then I would layer a little more oil over each area and leave it on his skin. I did this treatment on all his bare skin and on any black patches that were forming where he still had hair. I did this every day without fail. 

I had no idea if there would be any results at all, but I kept treating him for about a month and lo and behold, one morning, there was some sign of hair growth. I was so excited!  I continued my efforts and a few months later the hair had all regrown on his back. However, his bottom and back legs were still bare. Some time later, I was convinced we were home free, but then the oddest thing happened. His tail and his lower back and his bottom all lost hair again and I had to begin once more in this 

area eradicating the black skin with the oil. Even after the hair began to grow back I kept massaging the oil throughout the regrowing hair.

A year later, ALL his hair has grown in and is even softer than before. He has hair on his tail again and on his back legs and all over his butt, which for some reason took the longest. His skin is pink, his hair is thick, and I am one happy girl. I keep him on his raw food, probiotics, and his melatonin, though at some point, I will probably discontinue the melatonin. I am so grateful and just wanted people to know there could be a solution for your pet as well. 

I began this treatment from the outset. I truly do not know if what I did would work if your dog has full blown AlopeciaX with the black skin fully expressed and totally bald, but I would still make the attempt. I just hope my experience can change your situation as well and bring your beloved pet back from a hairless, unhealthy skin, future.

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