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Mi Laser

Laser technology has long been used in health care around the world. For instance, you may have heard of laser eye surgery. The Mi-Laser device is akin to an electronic form of acupuncture. This technology has the capability of changing subtle energy, birthed in Light, to  waveforms that harmonically align the physical aspects of the body. The body that is at ease has energy that flows with no effort, no resistance! There is NO imbalance within the body part, NO dis-ease. The symphony of life is created by Light, as it slows within the physical vehicle to maintain harmonic attunement.

Each Mi-Laser is specifically programmed to help clear any negative energy debris accumulated from our polluted environment, which helps restore and strengthen beneficial frequencies.  It also helps clear, calm, and expand the biofield when it’s used on the food or liquid ingested.

ZeroPoint utilizes a proprietary technology to imprint bio-resonate waveforms on Light, as a carrier of Blueprint Frequencies. Through its own inductive capacitance, the body integrates the energy to support homeostasis to the deficient areas.

What is a Blueprint Frequency? ZeroPoint Global has identified specific frequencies found in healthy organs and systems. Using a Quantum Field Programming Generator, matching frequencies are infused into ZeroPoint Global products. These are called Blueprint Frequencies. Use them freely to bring your body into balance and achieve a state of overall

You might compare this clearing to rebooting or defragging your computer when things begin to slow because of too much useless data. Rebooting or defragging clears the system, and efficiency is restored.

Warning: Avoid direct eye exposure when using the Mi-Laser.
Keep out of reach of children.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


I was walking across the kitchen floor to answer my phone…slipped on some water and fell on my knee and hand very hard. I used the Laser on my knee and hand until the pain subsided, which was about 2 minutes. Then I applied the Citrus Silk. There was no returning pain and no bruising.Brenda G., VA

My 20 year old daughter had what is called pre-cervical cancer and was having biopsies of her cervix every 6 months as long as the pre cancer cell count was high. This procedure is extremely painful and has her bed ridden for 3 days after. One week prior to her next biopsy, I received my products, and with her approval, started daily treatments. I would Laser the area for 5 minutes every day, and while watching TV, would rest the Frequency Disc on her abdomen as well as sleep with it in her bed. A week later, she had the biopsy. When the results came back, the pre-cancer count had all but disappeared. That was nearly 2 years ago, and she has not had to have another biopsy since. Thank youDee R. CA

While setting up the space for an event, my left index finger was pinched by a teak folding chair. The pad of my finger immediately swelled and a large, dark purple blood blister formed. I carried the chairs into the elevator and pushed the “3 button. As the doors closed, I pulled the green Laser out of my pocket and shined the light directly onto the injury. The bell rang, doors opened, and I put the laser back into my pocket. Looking down at my finger, I was absolutely stunned to see that the swelling was down and the purple bruise was now just an 8th-inch line. When I applied pressure to the wound, there was no sensation of pain. I am astounded at the immediate cellular response to the Laser in this situation.Ted P., NJ

Last month, I tore my rotator cuff while painting my new home. I was in great pain when my friend came over to my house and gave me a Laser treatment for about an hour. The next day, I was amazed at the relief I was having. I just had to have the Laser for myself and my family. Then, when my order came, I began to wear the Pendant as well as use the Laser. I am healing rapidly and don’t think I will have surgery. I will always wear the Pendant. Thank you so much.June T., GA


We have many animals that come to our yard every day. We’ve had an unusual looking duck return repeatedly. One day he was limping quite severely. A closer look showed he had a nail sticking straight up causing quite a bit of pain. We used the Laser repeatedly on his webbed foot while he ate some seed. When he came up the next day, the nail was still straight up but he wasn’t limping. We used the Laser one more time. The next day he visited again, the nail was gone he was just fine! Everyone, including our animal friends, can be assisted with the products!Robin G., FL

My personal “miracle” with the 3.5 Frequency Disc was the day my daughter accidentally dropped her scooter on my leg. The handle hit right between the muscle and the bone on my shin. It immediately turned an ugly purple color and the welt was as big as a tennis ball. I limped into the house and got the Laser and the 3.5 Frequency Disc I did both till the pain was bearable. Then I wrapped the 3.5 Frequency Disc in an ace bandage around my calf. I wore it like that most of the day. By night time the welt was almost 100% gone and the bruising was minimal. I wore it all that night and in 2 days it was gone completely. – Krista M.,PA

I had some dental work done, 3 hours of drilling and the removal of old crowns and mercury.  I lasered the area and wore the pendant. I had absolutely no pain. The next day I never knew I was at the dentist.–Gina C. MN  

I woke up this morning with huge sore on my tongue. It was difficult to swallow. I grabbed the Laser pointer and placed it right on the sore. Not even 2 minutes and I could tell it was not there anymore. How happy I was to begin the day without discomfort!! Thank you, for ZeroPoint Technology.Yung Bok J., MI

I had a raised patch of red itchy skin on my left calf that bothered me off and on for several months.  Last July, I had to opportunity to try the green laser on the spot. I shined the green light for about 2 minutes on the area. The itch was immediately relieved and the red raised surface disappeared a few minutes later. It’s been 3 months now and the red patch and itch has not returned.Lorraine E., ME

I would like to testify to something I have had on my face for years. I have had a “mole” on the left-side of my chin for about 30 years. It was always in the way whenever I shaved. Several times I have cut it open with my razor. Well, I decide to use the laser on it twice a day for five days straight; I was astounded when at the end of the five days the mole that was about 5mm had shrunk down to half its size! And to this day, I am still using the laser on it and it is slowly shrinking.Dr. John M., FL

Two years after having dental surgery my pallet was still very tender. I started lasering my mouth four to six times a day for about a minute and the sensitivity went away after only about two and a half weeks. I have dealt with high blood pressure for numerous years. Recently, it had gotten so bad I believed it was time to write my final wishes for the benefit of my family. I had called my son to my house on a morning when my blood pressure was extremely high-something like 225 over 119. While he was there, I had the thought of asking him to use the laser across my lower back and up and down my spine. He took a few seconds to do so and then I retested myself. My blood pressure had dropped considerably to 160 over 80. I asked him to use the laser again and retested. My blood pressure was normal! I have noticed in the weeks to follow that my blood pressure continues to rise, but as long as I use the laser every time, it is controlled! My only task is finding someone to run the laser up and down my spine as I live alone, but if that is the only challenge, I guess I can overcome that one! GratefullyReuben S., NC

About a week ago, I awoke about 3AM. My right ear was in great pain, including my right jaw & right throat area. I quickly used the green laser in my ear, on my jaw, & throat areas: Directly into & around the ear, throat, & into my mouth for about 10 minutes. In 1 hour I repeated same. By 6AM, all pain was gone, except for a slight pain in throat area & that was gone by the end of the day. – Reuben S., NC

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