Quantum Minerals  60 Count

Quantum Minerals 60 Count

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There is a reason many of our customers have been with us for 20 years. It is because the products work.  We know that as we get older, we become depleted of enzymes, probiotics, and minerals. Vitamin C is also significant and greatly needed, because it is not produced in the body. Our products, in our opinion, are necessary for everyone in todays stressful climate.


Minerals are the building blocks of health.  We need minerals in a specific presentation (chelated) so that they may be absorbed into the cell wall.  Minerals are a critical component of healthy cell division providing us with healthy skin, eyes, nails, hair, bones, blood, and maintenance of the body. Utilize minerals for leg cramps, allergies, mental function, brain function, fatigue, & nerves.


We suggest starting with 1 capsule and graduating to 2 capsules in 2 – 3 weeks.  Take preferable mid-day with lunch or just with a small amount of protein (a piece of cheese, chicken, a handfuls of almonds etc…). These minerals ride the back of a protein molecule to be introduced into the cell wall.


For those of you concerned about Calcium:  Even though there is only a tiny amount of Calcium in this product, more importantly, it is in the correct form. This means that you get better results from this small amount rather than having to take volumes of Calcium that the body does not understand and stores as a toxin.


We strongly encourage you to read up on of our new  Vitamin D3 product. Quantum Minerals may be taken with the Vitamin D3 at your mid day meal.

5 Stars
I have had a bad neck most of my life. When I take the Quantum Minerals faithfully, the pain stays away. I don't know why, but I'll take it!
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Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 6/7/2011
5 Stars
I had osteoporosis way back when and heard through a friend about Frequency Foods. I talked to Leara who told her story about having osteoporosis but after taking Quantum Minerals and the other products it was taken care of. It took a year, but was completely handled with only 12mg of Calcium. I have learned a lot about taking Calcium in the right form and amount. I am forever grateful. S.Saunders, Raleigh, N.C.
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Reviewed by:  from RALEIGH, N.C.. on 1/7/2014
5 Stars
I was concerned that there was not enough calcium in this mineral product for my needs. I have dealt with osteoporosis for several years. I called the company and discussed it with them and they convinced me that it wasn't the amount of calcium but that it be in the right form. They seemed knowledgable enough so I took the Quantum Minerals. The company told me it would take awhile because I had my problem for so long. I am 73 years old. Well, it took almost a year, but all I did was watch my diet, take these minerals along with Total Food, Green Garden, Vitamin C and probiotics. I have no more osteoporosis--honest to goodness- and I can't tell you how grateful I am not to worry about falling and breaking a bone like a twig in a windstorm. Gratefully-S.Stephens, Missoula, MT
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Reviewed by:  from Missoula, MT. on 12/30/2013
5 Stars
I have a lot of neck pain and neck strain. I have had issues all my life. I have done all kinds of therapy and pills which help me live a bit better, but things got considerably better when I started taking Quantum Minerals. I noticed after a month that my neck wasn't hurting. I didn't make the connection until i went away for a week and forgot to bring the minerals. I started hurting again. Once I got home and had the minerals again, the pain went away. Guess I needed the right minerals. They have sure made a huge difference in my life. Thanks--G.Henrick, NV
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Reviewed by:  from Henderson, Nevada. on 12/30/2013
5 Stars
Feeling GReat!
I take two Quantum Minerals every day along with my Green Garden and Total Food. I really feel confident that these minerals have made a difference. I trust FF products after being on them for so many years. I am 84 and feeling great. G. Forrester, Traverse City, MI
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Reviewed by:  from Traverse CiTY, MI. on 1/11/2014

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