Total Food 28oz. (Two 14oz. canisters)

Total Food 28oz. (Two 14oz. canisters)

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                            TOTAL FOOD

Total Food is the healthiest, most delicious and nutritious, Power Drink you could ask for. It mixes well in any juice or can be eaten right off the spoon or sprinkled on food. One of its greatest values comes with a guaranteed balanced meal every day while feeding the cells and tissue the critical information necessary to keep you strong, well, and vibrant. Good for children and the whole family to give you the assurance of at least one solid meal a day, especially in our busy and hurried life styles.

It is also useful for those dealing with candida, low red blood cell count, bad eating habits, vision, nerves, muscle restoration, liver concerns, energy, and countless other things. It can be used to either gain weight or lose weight. Taking it with food once or twice a day will help you gain weight. Taking it as a meal replacement one or two meals a day, it will assist you in losing weight.

Total Food is a whole food meal replacement with the optimal balance of protein, carbohydrates and fiber that provide your cells with a wide spectrum of nutrients compatible with your body. You may feel more hungry in the first few days because unlike contemporary meals, Total Food is immediately accessed and utilized by the body.  You may also find that Total Food  satisfies the craving for sugars resulting in a significant decrease in your desire for more sweets.

Extremely rich source of Vitamin E due to the TOCO whole food blend used in the formula. The Tocotrienols and Tocopherols used in the TOCO are the most potent sources of Vitamin E available: all-natural and highly absorbable.

Effective liver detoxification product. Total Food has an affinity for the liver (supports your liver function) so if you have given that organ a work-out with too much sugar, for instance, Total Food will promote some seriously needed repairs.

Excellent weight control product to help get rid of any extra unwanted pounds. If you are recovering from a  severe illness or therapy such as cancer treatment, Total Food will help to reestablish your ideal weight.

Powerful energy product to help you get that little extra pep in your step first thing in the morning. Use Total Food instead of coffee or tea to maintain energy throughout the day.

Our Total Food is not only delicious, but it is Gluten-Free!!

5 Stars
My husband is 96 years old. He has taken FF products for 18 years. He relies on the Total Food to feed his red blood cells and fortify his daily strength. At one point, we thought it was his time, but with the introduction of Total Food to his diet he is still going strong. We are both poster children for these products. While all our friends are sick and dying, we have health and quality to our lives. I am 87.
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