Zero Point - Sirius Earth Heart

Zero Point - Sirius Earth Heart

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The ZeroPoint Earth Heart is an adhesive “sticker” with proprietary mineral frequencies embedded into fine crystals and plant matter. There is so much information today on the dangers of cell phones and other devices, it is really a necessity to have protection from exposure to the constant bombardment of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) from hair dryers, laptops, microwave, television, power lines etc....Earth Hearts are so effective they will actually transform harmful electromagnetic frequencies into beneficial frequencies for the body! We encourage you to place Earth Hearts on your computers, coffeemakers, refrigerator, printers, car and even on the conduits of electricity coming into your house at the fuse box!  At the time of purchase we provide an easy and fun instruction on how to demonstrate these facts upon your own body. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all our products!!


“Over the last 10 years or so, I noticed that on the bone behind my ears as well as other areas of my skull felt like they were bruised when I touched them, and I was getting terrible headaches periodically. The pain to the touch had gotten to the point that it was always there. It didn’t occur to me that it was from my cell phone, but I did purchase a cell phone protection device. A year later, the pain was still there with the same intensity. Last year, I put the ZeroPoint Sirius Earth Heart on my phone, and I noticed that the pain was completely gone, my headaches were gone, and several months later, they still have not returned!” - Lisa L., FL

“I got the Sirius Earth Strips in the mail on March 26, 2014 and right away stuck them in the breaker box of my house for EMF protection. Then something amazing happened. When we got our electric bill for the next billing cycle, we had saved over 50%. Our bill for February 11 - March 13 (before using the Strips) was $108.10. The bill for March 13 - April 14 (after using the Strips) was $47.87. Thank you ZeroPoint for making products that allow us to ive in this technological world and offset some of the negative affects of that technology and also save money.” - Sharon C., CA

“For years, whenever I talked on my cell phone for more than 30 minutes, my ear would get hot and I would keep switching sides. I didn’t realize until I placed a Sirius Earth Heart on my phone that it is not supposed to do that! The heat was from the EMF radiation, and now I can talk for hours on my cell phone with no ‘hot ear’! I have also placed 2 Sirius Earth Hearts on my laptop. I spend several hours most days working on the computer, and while I used to feel fatigued and have sore shoulders most days, now I do not. Thank you!” - Lorraine E., ME

"I would never allow a microwave in my house, let alone use one. Then I learned about the Earth Hearts. I did the actual tests the company did. I took two plants and put clean water in one plant and microwaved water in the other. The plant with microwaved water died. Then I applied the Earth Hearts to the microwave. I put one on the front where the controls are and 2 under the spinning dish inside. I did the same test with two new plants. Only this time the plant with the microwaved water with the Earth Hearts flourished even more than the one with clean water. That's all I needed to see. I have been using a microwave now for the first time and actually love it. I also have 2 Earth Hearts on my iPhone." Pauline F. NH

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