Zero Point Frequency  3 1/2"  Coaster - Black

Zero Point Frequency 3 1/2" Coaster - Black

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                                                                      ZeroPoint Frequency Coaster-3.5 inches round -Black
ZeroPoint Frequency Discs are genuine marble discs infused with proprietary frequencies that bring the body into balance and energetic homeostasis. Each product is exposed to a Quantum Field Programming Generator (tm). These specific embedded frequencies can help to reduce pain as well as clear food and drinks of pesticides and contaminants. The Frequency Disc comes in two sizes: an 8-inch Disc for large items such as groceries, plants, household cleaners, toiletries, etc. and a 3.5-inch Disc for individual drinks, bottles, vitamins, and other small items. Either size may be used equally. The science of zero-point technology is a rapidly growing field of study. These frequencies provide a number of life-enhancing benefits. By holding the discs against the body the painful or discordant areas will match frequencies with the technology bringing more harmony and relief to the body. The discs can neutralize the effects of environmental toxins, perfumes, insecticides, and chemicals. Energizes and clears bath or cooking water. Protects from harmful electromagnetic frequencies when placed near body during computer use or when near other electronics. Aids in quality of sleep when placed under pillow or mattress. Place food or beverages on Frequency Disc for 3-6 minutes to achieve maximum efficacy. The disc may also be placed in the refrigerator to keep foods fresher for a longer time. Place groceries on Disc as they are put away after shopping. Sit house plants on Discs to optimize growth. Apply Disc directly to areas of injury, muscular discomfort, or internal pain. This product never wears out or loses its effectiveness. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all our products!!


All suggested uses come directly from testimonials and are passed on to you. ZeroPoint Global does not guarantee that the specified results will occur from the suggested uses.

“The Frequency Disc will stick to the areas of aches and pains. When it’s “suction grip” releases, the aches and pains are gone! (I bring the Fre- quency Disc to bed with me)” – Margee B.

“I put the Frequency Disc on my back, and it stuck like it was suctioned onto my back! That was at 3:00PM, and the pain was gone by 5:00PM! The disk stuck there all through that night - I literally had to peel it off to take a shower the next morning, and I had absolutely no sign of sciatica!” - Lisa L.

“I’ve placed the Frequency Disc in my refrigerator, and it’s keeping our food fresh for a longer time. I’ll be purchasing additional products for my family!” – Deepa C.

“In this day and age when unsafe food handling is in the news, we never dine out without our Frequency Disc. We find it especially effective on taking “bitter” aftertastes away from coffee and wine.” – Tim B., FL

“I was suffering from a pain in my wrist. I’ve never experienced this before, but from what I know about carpel tunnel, it seemed to match the symptoms. It was painful to type and even when my hand was in a natural position there was a dull pain. I started using the small disc under my wrist when I used the mouse for my computer. It took about one day and the pain continued to diminish until it eventually went away completely! Typing as much as I do, this discovery is a true blessing. Now I use the small disc in that manner as a preventative measure.” - Doreen Z., FL

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