story of Frequency Foods



I had been eating organically for 27 plus years, and thought I was living in a fairly pristine environment, in rural Washington state. I had been taking huge amounts of supplements, but evidently, to no avail.


At this time, my husband/ business partner and I were introduced to a formulator, who spoke our cutting- edge- technology language and were encouraged by friends to try his products. "NO!" I said with great resistance. "I have tried everything under the sun and nothing has worked!"  After more detailed conversations, we began understanding his ingredients and formulation practices. I was finally convinced to try his products.  Indeed, it was one last chance to regain my health.


In just 3 days, I noticed some subtle changes. Things began to feel differently.  My neck, which had no range of motion, began to loosen. The toxins, that had created the immobility seemed to be draining away.


I chose to take huge amounts of product and bulldoze my way through the detox.


(To this day, I do NOT recommend this.  Detox slowly in order to function, participate in, and enjoy your daily life. Unless you are near to death as I was, you can monitor yourself and determine how aggressive or passive your ideal journey back to health is to be). It took 6 months before I really felt confident that I was going to live.  It took 11 months to declare myself well. I spent almost 9 months in bed or on the floor. It was a most unpleasant time. It was hard to have patience, but I figured that I, now, had nothing to lose.


As my body continued to detoxify I was able to rid myself of several garbage bags, full of traditional supplements, which had cost several thousand dollars and were, clearly, not worth a plug nickel. I replaced all of the products I tossed out with only 6 bottles offered me by the formulator.


There was a reason this product line was - and still is - unique. The formulations deal more with Life Force Energy. They present the body with supplements at the cellular level in a form that it can recognize such as whole food complexes and electrical matrices. Twenty-five years ago, a term such as electrical nutrition was never heard of.  Body Electric, our first company, and the precursor to Frequency Foods, actually coined this phrase and evolved this concept of addressing nutrition as an expression of quantum physics. All of our products are specifically designed to be readily understood by the body and organically utilized, rather than being stored

as a toxin. With subsequent advances in how quantum mechanics works within a living body, we have enhanced our product lines with stabilizing, vibrational, frequencies that can sustain the life force of ingredients indefinitely.


I highly suggest a preventative front. If you are healthy now or just have a few health issues - Don’t wait. Be smart, now. They don't say, "As long as you have your health," for nothing. Toxins come from the air, water, food, environment, stress, you name it. Your body is equipped to handle a certain amount. It’s like standing beside a big hole in the ground that you keep shoveling toxins into. In your earlier years your body can withstand the toxic onslaught. But, sooner or later the hole begins to fill and pack harder. Soon it crests and overflows. Had you paid attention to all your body's prior warnings and cautions to change your habits, it would have been so much easier to bounce back. But, it is still doable.


I am always asked what my symptoms were. I will share a few with you, but please understand symptoms are not the issue. If you are trying to heal the toe, you must also be healing the head, as your body is a closed system. We must address the entire structure, not just a part or a symptom.


The root of my problem was the inability, all my life, to eliminate properly.  Everything starts in the colon. If this function is not working well, you, indeed, stand upon a slippery slope. My body was gradually becoming more putrefied; all of my internal systems were slowing and shutting down. I had precursors to a stroke, neural dysfunction, fibroid cysts, chronic constipation and even misalignment of my spine.  It took a full 9 months to detox my brain, which was racked with heavy metals from various foods, dental work, and toxic environments.  But, that's sufficient detail to give the idea of my condition. Had I not had this experience where I could demonstrate the power of these perfectly aligned supplements personally, there never would have been a Body Electric or Frequency Foods.


 I learned some basic rules that have become the cornerstone of how I work with nutritional clients to this day.


  1. Keep your supplement program simple. Choose to work with one product line only. If you are using several different companies you can often create a toxic soup. Also, if you have a response to a product and call the company, no one knows what is creating the problem and no solution can be offered, as you don't know what product of which company is producing what reaction.


I always ask people to give us a 3-month commitment where no other supplemental products are used, but ours. At the end of 3 months determine if the results are in the direction you wish to go. In 25 years, I would say we have about an 82% retention rate, keeping customers for life.


2.  Start with only 3 products. You may evolve to taking more products, but it is best to start with 3 until you are comfortable with the protocols and are aware of

the healthful changes that result for you in your own body. At that time, you can add 2 or 3 more products, selected to suit your goals and needs. (This suggestion does not apply to our Personal Care line).


3.  Don't buy into all the misdirection in the market place. Every company has a story, in order to pitch their products and convince you theirs is the best. And there are some pretty wild and creative spins out there.  My story could just be another contribution to the world of advertising. All I ask is to use your good judgment. Do research and take some valuable time to discern who is real and truthful.


Not only has my life been changed, but I have also had the pleasure of witnessing many other "miracles" from our earnest customer base. Frequency Foods products have made such a difference in so many lives, I truly wish that everyone could make use of these products and experience for themselves how wonderful it is to live life as it was intended. 


We invite you to call for a consultation. We have one objective--to help you be centered and vibrant, but most of all, to encourage you to take responsibility for your own Health.